Terms & Conditions


  1. Prop Art Rentals endeavours to ensure that all artworks rented from Prop Art have clearance for use in film, TV and commercial production internationally. However, the onus is on the production company to confirm before collection that no copyright issues exist.
  2. Due to the nature of the film and commercial industry, items may differ in appearance and condition to when they were photographed for the website. It is the renter’s responsibility to record the condition of each item when rented.
  3. Because the furniture and props at Prop Art are all secondhand, clearance on specific items from the original owners or designers must be sought by the production company. Prop Art accepts no responsibility for clearance on a piece of Italian designer furniture, for example.
  4. Replacement values have been determined by considering a number of factors and are non-negotiable. However, if a specific item is lost or damaged, it is at the discretion of Prop Art management to determine whether a reimbursement or a suitable replacement is sought.
  5. Goods are hired at 15% of the replacement value for one week’s rental (7 days, including Saturday and Sunday), 10% for the second week and 5% for each of the weeks thereafter. Early returns are welcomed, but not prorated.
  6. Should the rental of artworks and props extend beyond the initial order period, communication from the hirer is requested in order to satisfy all orders. Please notify Prop Art in a timely fashion to avoid double bookings.
  7. Costs incurred for any item damaged during a rental will be at the expense of the renter/production company. Damage costs vary depending on the severity of the damage and the amount of work necessary to get the item fixed. Should damage prevent an item from being available to rent for an extended period, an additional fee for loss of rental will apply as an extended rental.
  8. Should one or more items from a set be lost or damaged, the production company will be responsible for the cost of the whole set in the event that the set is devalued because of the missing or broken item.
  9. In the event of an order being cancelled less than 24 hours before collection (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), a handling fee of 20% will be charge when large pieces of furniture or items are involved.
  10. Prop Art endeavours to keep items in excellent renting condition. However if cleaning is required once a carpet or upholstered furniture piece, for example, is returned a fee will be charged for that service.
  11. Artworks and props are hired at the hirer’s risk from the time of collection until the artworks or props are returned to Prop Art and checked. It is the responsibility of the production company to ensure all those handling the items rented are aware of the value of each and are instructed to care for them and ensure they are returned in the condition that were rented.


  1. No artwork is to be copied or altered in any way. Neither is it to be removed from its frame. In the event an artwork is removed from its frame, permission needs to be requested from Prop Art and the hirer will pay for the cost of reframing.
  2. In the event of an artwork being damaged, the cost of repair or replacement is for the hirer. This will be determined at Prop Art management’s discretion.
  3. Should an artwork need replacing the original damaged artwork remains the property of Prop Art.